Police Shootings
Crime Scenes
Reaction Time
Time & Motion Elements
Gunshot Wounds
Impact/Entry Angle
Gunshot Distance Analysis
Catastrophic failures
Shooting Reconstruction
Tool mark Identification
Firearms Testing
Involuntary/inadvertent discharge
Ballistics calculations
Trajectory & Drag Models
Velocity, Drop, Kinetic Energy
Hunting & Firearms Safety


Commander - State Police Ballistics.
Member - Firearms Review Board.
52+ years firearms.
35+ years forensic ballistics.
US Army Ordnance & Small Arms
Daubert/Frye Consultation.
Criminal, Civil, Appellate.
Capital Murder Consultation
Accidental/Involuntary Discharges.
Microscopic Tool marks Comparison.
Testified 300+ times.
Cases in over 45 U.S.states, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Canada, Virgin Islands, Israel, Philippines, UK, Haiti, Pakistan


Criminal & Civil Cases
U.S. Attorney's Office
U.S. Military
Private Individuals
Insurance Companies
Innocence Projects
Citizen Groups
Elected Officials
Forensic Students


On occasion I am asked by misinformed persons if I am ASCLD Accredited. These persons are under the impression that ASCLD accreditation is for non-law enforcement labs.

American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD)is an organization staffed by persons employed directly with law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement persons inspecting fellow law enforcement labs that work only in the interest of criminal prosecutions.

My work is conducted without any interest in either side in a criminal or civil matter and case files are maintained under strict confidentiality agreements.

For a revealing analysis of some ASCLD problem labs and scandals, download the report of Attorney Marvin E. Schechter here:

Schechter ASCLD Analysis

Ballistics Evidence

The lack of evidence can be as important as the abundance of evidence in proving or disproving a set of facts or version of events.

Scientific Method

Use of generally accepted protocols and standards able to withstand a Daubert Challenge.

Quality Results

Nothing will be overlooked, no stone will be left unturned.