Police Shootings
Crime Scenes
Reaction Time
Time & Motion Elements
Gunshot Wounds
Impact/Entry Angle
Gunshot Distance Analysis
Catastrophic failures
Shooting Reconstruction
Tool mark Identification
Firearms Testing
Involuntary/inadvertent discharge
Ballistics calculations
Trajectory & Drag Models
Velocity, Drop, Kinetic Energy
Hunting & Firearms Safety


Commander - State Police Ballistics.
Member - Firearms Review Board.
52+ years firearms.
35+ years forensic ballistics.
US Army Ordnance & Small Arms
Daubert/Frye Consultation.
Criminal, Civil, Appellate.
Capital Murder Consultation
Accidental/Involuntary Discharges.
Microscopic Tool marks Comparison.
Testified 300+ times.
Cases in over 45 U.S.states, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Canada, Virgin Islands, Israel, Philippines, UK, Haiti, Pakistan


Criminal & Civil Cases
U.S. Attorney's Office
U.S. Military
Private Individuals
Insurance Companies
Innocence Projects
Citizen Groups
Elected Officials
Forensic Students


I have received ballistics and firearms evidence ranging from a misdemeanor to a septuple homicide from all over the U.S. for independent evaluation.

It is critical that evidence be examined in my own lab using equipment which I am the sole user of and is meticulously maintained.

I will not conduct tests which require I be observed or use equipment that is not familiar to me.

I utilize only high end instrumentation which is calibrated to NIST traceable measuring standards.

Leitz Comparison Microscope with multiple Zeiss eyepieces and turret objectives with trinocular tube mounted Canon digital camera capable of zoom, macro, and a combination of digital illumination effects. Digital photomicrographs are captured in real time through software.

Comparison microscope illumination options are fiber optic and/or mounted incandescent stage lighting

Leica bullet and cartridge case holders can be changed depending on caliber, deformation, or angle comparisons.

Triple boom stereo microscope with 5 megapixel camera and software which can measure evidence to 100,000th of an inch precisely and capture images.

Unitron Measuring Projector with several stage options for holding evidence which can measure in both millimeters and inches.

Toolmakers microscope with a calibrated measuring reticle capable of measurements to 1/1000 of an inch.

Images, provided by discovery or self-generated, can be enhanced, magnified, resized, adjusted for illumination and noise through several software programs and saved to any file format. PowerPoint presentations can be assembled for court.

Nikon D5000 Professional Model Digital SLR with numerous lenses Several other digital and manual tools are utilized to reach scientific conclusions.

Propietary safeguards ensure protection and preservation of evidence.

Ballistics Evidence

The lack of evidence can be as important as the abundance of evidence in proving or disproving a set of facts or version of events.

Scientific Method

Use of generally accepted protocols and standards able to withstand a Daubert Challenge.

Quality Results

Nothing will be overlooked, no stone will be left unturned.